Widget Wars: In Pursuit of Worldwide Widget Domination

After I posted my Gigya examples post, the good folks at Clearspring were kind enought to let me know that in fact they had once again regained worldwide widget domination, my apologies, hard to keep up with these things (after all we only build them). Mashable’s ClearSpring Regains the Worldwide Widget Lead, Launches Smart Sharing Features reads:

Earlier this month, we reported that Gigya had taken the worldwide lead in terms of worldwide reach for widgets. That lead was apparently short-lived, as the latest numbers place Clearspring at the top of the heap. The company’s traffic jumped 59% from August to September, in large part because of its acquisition of the social bookmarking application AddThis. In all, comScore now reports 254 million monthly unique viewers of Clearspring widgets across the Web.

It’s always a good strategy to build market share (and mindshare) by acquiring partners or competitors. I am certain you we will see a couple more acquisitions in the coming months by widget platform players to bolster their numbers and market lead.

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