Social Ad Networks

Since the explosive success of Facebook applications, a number of companies have started ad networks delivered through social media applications (such as Facebook and OpenSocial applications). The idea is to help developers monitize their application traffic by display ads directly within their applications.  At the same time, these ad networks allow brands (including some of our clients) promote their Facebook applications. Here are some of the social media ad networks for those interested in advertising to social media users or simply promoting their applications on socical networks:

“Pure Play” Social Media Ad Networks
New ad networks started purely for the purpose of monitizing social media applications.

  • Socialmedia Networks
    Claim to power over 5000 applications and counting.
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  • Lookery
    Recently acquired by AdKnowledge.
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  • Cubics
    Support most major social networks including Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, and Bebo. Acquired by AdKnowldge about a year ego.
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  • fbExchange
    Based on old LinkExchange model. Display ads for credits which you use to buy ads for your apps. Claim to have over 1443 developers in their network.
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Facebook Apps Turned Ad Neworks
One day they were a popular Facebook application, the next day, they are an ad network!

  • RockYou Ads
    Popular Facebook application developer (SuperWall) turned social media ad network. Charge on a per-user-acquired (CPA) basis ($0.30–$1.00 per application add). Network spans all major social networks and claims to have over 6 billion page views a month.
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  • EggNetwork (VideoEgg)
    Huge ad sales team with experience selling to big brands. Sell at above $10 CPM. 60/40 revenue split with application providers.
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  • SocialCash
    Created by Gratis Internet, a Washington D.C. based web advertising agency best known for their free iPhone advertisements.
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