Photo Booth Examples: Overview

We have done a lot of photo booth applications on Facebook, ranging from the very complex to the very simple.  Photo booths are one of our most popular (and successful) application platform offerings, and we have done them for the likes of Justin Bieber (2 in fact), Rihanna, One Direction, Neon Trees, Alan Jackson and others.  Here are a list of some of our most popular Photo Booth applications.

One Direction: Valentine’s Day Kissing Booth (Sony)

  • Upload your photo, pick a band member and create a special Valentine’s day memorial
  • Also see Application Spotlight..

Alan Jackson: Biggest Fan (EMI/Columbia)

  • Upload your picture and tell why are Alan’s biggest fan. Pictures with the most votes win

August Burns Red: Custom Baseball Card (EMI/Tooth and Nail)

  • Upload your picture and create (then share) a custom baseball card featuring your favorite band

National Baseball Association: MVP-Me (Other)

  • Upload a picture of your dad, select a baseball card template, and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and email

Group 1 Crew: Suit Me Up (WBR/Word Entertainment)

  • Upload your photo, Suit Up, and then make it your Facebook profile picture

Willow: Whip Your CD (Sony/Lucid Online)

  • Create your own custom personalized “Whip My Hair” CD using our mini-graphics editor, then share it with friends